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Synexsys Inventory - FAQs

In this page, you'll find many answers to the most frequently asked questions, Synexsys help file contains more detailed FAQs.



General questions

This section contains questions and answers that are not related to specific subjects


Since I installed the evaluation version of Synexsys, my PC is slow

When you are installing an evaluation version of Synexsys, you can't install the Servers and the Console separately. All the components are installed on your local machine. This is why your PC is slowing down sometimes. You will not encounter this issue with the full version.

Synexsys Servers, must be run on a dedicated machine because they are processing big amounts of data. This machine doesn't have to be a real server (although a fast hard disk is advised) but it has to be dedicated if you have more than 200 machines.



This section contains the usual questions about Synexsys audits


Do I have to install something on the local PC (the PC to audit) ?

No. You don't have to install anything! You will normally execute the audit agent remotely through your Network login script. Of course, you can also run Synexsys as a service and even manually.

To run the agent through the login script, you first have to locate your login script file (ask your network admin and create one if you don't have such a file). Usually, it's a batch file called login.bat that you will find on the system share called NETLOGON on your PDC server (i.e. on C:\WINNT\system32\Repl\Import\Scripts). Then, you have to modify that file and put a command like the following one, to run the agent at login time:

START /B /D "\\IP_Server\Client$\bin\agent\SXSIAGENT.EXE" /H /FHF

this will execute a hardware scan at each login. Of course, it is just an example for your tests.


Then you have to associate this script with all the users. This is done through the user management console on your domain server.

At login time, the script (login.bat) will be executed automatically by each PC. An audit will be done if it has been scheduled and the audit data will be transfered automatically to the server.

I've deployed the agent as a service but I don't see the audit data ?

It can take several minutes until an entire inventory cycle is completed and uploaded in the database! Synexsys is not slow but for security and integrity reasons, all its components are working in asynchroneous mode.

The overall time it will take will depend upon the the time cycles of the different sxsi components, the nature of the inventory, the volume of collected information as well as many other parameters such the speed and load of your server's processor and hard disk.

Don't forget to use “tools” / “refresh screen” to update what you see in the console.

I'm not able to deploy the agent as a service

In 90% of the cases, you don't have enough rights. To remotely deploy a service, you must at least have the "local administrator" rights on the remote machine. Please consult the FAQ's of Synexsys help file for more details.

Can I schedule the audits ?

Yes! You can even schedule each kind of audit (HW / SW / Windows) independently. You can execute an audit as soon the Computer is switched on. You can also postpone the audit or you can set a specific time to execute the audit.

I deployed the agent as a service and it seems that we have a lot of broadcasting now on the network

You certainly used the HOSTNAME of your server instead of the its IP address. Update the configuration of your agents so that they don't point anymore on the server's hostname but on the server's IP address.


Software audit

This section contains the usual questions about software and licenses management


Does Synexsys collect the information concerning the software applications that are installed on the PCs ?

Yes, of course. Synexsys is able to collect all the information available about any file on a PC. You can use any of this information to precisely track software. Even a single .lnk file can be used in the software recognition rules.


Synexsys Management Console

This section contains the usual questions about Synexsys Console


The first time I execute the console, it takes ages to load

On Windows XP, depending the security setup you have, Windows will identify .GDB files as if they where part of the OS and it will scan those files thoroughly before releasing them.

If you have an old version of Synexsys, simply change your database's extension in .FDB. After this change, don't forget to update the config.ini files of the Console and of the Server

I get several error messages when I execute the console remotely

Check that the Console's CONFIG.INI path parameters are all written using the UNC convention.

I get an error message "Error while loading midas.dll" while attempting to execute the console

This is due to the fact that you don't have a C: drive on your machine or that midass.dll is not correctly registered. Please refer to the FAQs of the Synexsys help file for more details.





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