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What is Synexsys Inventory ?

Synexsys Inventory (SXSi) is a simple and powerful IT asset tracking software that performs automated tasks like network audit, PC hardware inventory and software license audit.

More than a dynamic inventory solution or a desktop management software, Synexsys Inventory is also a very practical IT asset management system and its helpdesk module is logically completing the family.

Synexsys works remotely. You don't need to install a local agent to audit your PCs.

Synexsys has three other modules:

  • Asset Management (manages any king of assets)
  • Network devices audit (SNMP, NetBIOS, etc)
  • Help desk module (calls and requests management, SLA, escalation, etc)


Synexsys Inventory for whom ?

By nature, SXSi will meet the needs of any company, whatever its size or its progression. SXSi is scalable and will follow any evolution regardless of the organizational, structural or technical context.

People in charge of IT Asset Management and help desk are the first who will benefit from Synexsys Inventory computer tracking software. But as the information managed in SXSi can also be of other types, (i.e. administrative and financial data or manually created items), whoever works in the inventory management domain can also take advantage of this application.


Synexsys Inventory is different!

Synexsys Inventory is the result of more than ten years of practical experience in the field. As opposed to traditional inventory tracking systems which attempt to impose their own management methods, SXSi is based on the analysis of nearly 300 companies identified needs (all size, all activity, equivalent to a consolidated number of 100,000 computers).

SXSi goes far beyond what the usual automatic inventory solutions can do. Actually, besides its unparalleled dynamic network inventory capabilities, SXSi can manage any kind of permanent data. Synexsys Inventory can then be used as an IT asset management software also, without the usual heaviness that is characteristic of this kind of application.

SXSi is also a logical reaction to the plethora of network audit and computer inventory software that saturate the market today. For example, those which are getting their approximate information out of the Windows registry (...)

Here is the list of the main differences compared to other products:

Straight-forward installation and easy deployment Minimal setup and deployment time. SXSi deploys rapidly across the network without disrupting users' activities. No resident agent is necessary on the collected PCs. The system can be activated at login time or can be distributed automatically as a service.

Crystal-clear interface Complex interfaces are leading to misuse or even to product abandon. That's why Synexsys comes with a clear and user-friendly interface.

Comprehensive audit Synexsys Inventory gives a matchless image of collected IT equipment. Each computer hardware or software component is analysed in a highly detailed way. SXSi has the most powerful inventory engine ever developed and is able to collect every piece of available information. Extended features of SXSi are even more impressive, allowing for example, to determine which version of a DLL is present on each PC, to see what type of files are taking the most disk space, (TMP, AVI, MP3, etc.), to remotely visualize PC folders treeviews, to extract unlimited information out of the Registry, to scan the ini files, etc.

Customized software licenses management SXSi provides a consistent software license management system and helps you to fight software piracy. Unlike other software that only reports the information contained in the Windows registry, SXSi allows you to decide on which precise criteria a software license is defined. Software application management is the only way to reach license compliance and this is done easily with Synexsys Inventory.

Unlimited custom fields Thanks to its unlimited number of custom fields, Synexsys Inventory allows you to complete the information that was gathered automatically by other kinds of data that you can enter manually. For example: purchase date, supplier, price, end of warranty date, belonging to a service, a location, a user, etc. Each field is totally customizable, (pick list, input mask, data type, mandatory field, etc.), permitting very good control of the input.

Event follow-up Unlimited number of auto-dated and auto-signed notes can be associated to each managed equipment therefore ensuring the follow-up of interventions and the moves by example. A global full text search is available for the notes.

Manual input and automated asset importation SXSi allows you to create and to manage any kind of equipment (fax, copiers, phones, beamers, etc.), avoiding the need to manage those items in other IT asset management databases. If those assets are already in a database or in another data source, you can import them automatically into Synexsys.

Automatic classification structures Automatic treeviews of SXSi are generated automatically on the basis of collected data or manually added information. Treeviews allow you to organize IT and non-IT assets practically, according to their technical or administrative characteristics. For example, a treeview can be built on a network segment basis, on an organisational or geographical basis, on hardware manufacturers, on acquisition periods, etc. Once the treeviews built, collected PCs will automatically be associated to the nodes they correspond to in the different treeviews. This is ideal for software migrations!

Intelligent treeviews It is possible to associate an item with any node in any classification tree. For example, to a service in the organizational treeview, to a site in the location tree, to a brand in the manufacturer tree, to a month in the warranty tree, etc. The main purpose of SXSi treeviews is to allow a practical or functional visualisation of managed assets. The positioning on a specific node of a treeview not only emphasizes all the configurations that are directly linked to it, but also those items which are contained by its sub-folders. To avoid losing a PC in multi-level treeviews.

Change management and event history SXSi keeps a log of all detected changes for each managed item. i.e. software installation, file modification, RAM diminution, PC move, etc.

Original query system SXSi has a built-in query system allowing you to retrieve any information stored in the database. Although very powerful, the query system is simple as a child's play. Once your results are displayed, you can sort, rearrange, hide, group on any columns. And you're just a righ-click away from sending these results to your intranet or to a file (XLS, CSV, etc.).

Dynamic views SXSi offers a number of Views where assets' information is shown graphically. The views emphasize the distribution of IT equipment according to their features. It is then possible, for example, to focus on a service in the organigram treeview and see, for this service, what are the needs in terms of memory extension.

Standard and WEB reporting Synexsys Inventory offers ready-made charts and reports. Each of these may be visualized within the application itself, exported to several formats, (PDF, XLS, HTML, etc.), or published on the WEB. For those who need to re-process raw data and possibly import them into other systems, data can then be exported to flat files as CSV. Each report can also be accessed and run through a standard web browser.

Access right management Synexsys has an Access Rights Management System which allows total control over the application as well as the collected data.

Unlimited volume of data Synexsys is a reliable application and supports without a problem several GB of data. SXSi records collected information in databases like Firebird (no license, no client), Oracle or SQL Server.

Remotely executable Management Console Synexsys Console can be executed from anywhere without local installation, allowing you to benefit from the full power of Synexsys without constraints.





Synexsys Inventory, the unparalleled computer inventory and network audit software!



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The ideal IT asset inventory software for any company. Starting from 10 PCs to 100,000 PCs!







Synexsys lowers your Total Cost of Ownership

You worry about the hidden costs of your IT assets—as well you should. Of course IT Asset Management and Helpdesk solutions are high on the “buy list” when it comes to trying to lower the TCO of your IT assets.

But too often the solution costs more than the problem: complex IT asset management packages take too long, cost too much, and wind up abandoned as ”shelfware".

Synexsys’ unique strength is the simplicity it brings to sophisticated IT asset management. It reduces your IT asset TCO by giving you control, and the return on your investment is fast.








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Synexsys can work remotely

No need to install a local agent to audit your PCs







Synexsys meets the needs of any company, whatever its size





Create your own custom fields to complete your technical audits with other kinds of data





Create and manage any kind of assets within the same software





Network audit and IT asset management has never been simpler!

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