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Synexsys contains different modules. If you are more interested by the helpdesk
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Take control of your computer inventory,
network audit, IT asset management and helpdesk—All within minutes!

Start with Synexsys Inventory, the automated solution for computer audit and asset management created in collaboration with IT departments of medium and large companies. Expand your capabilities with Synexsys Network Audit to manage your network assets, and Synexsys Helpdesk to manage IT problem resolution more efficiently and effectively

Then take full control of your IT assets with automatic desktop discovery, computer software and hardware tracking, dynamic network device audit, IT asset management, software license management and helpdesk.


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Synexsys: not just another pc inventory tool

Synexsys Inventory, our computer audit and LAN device discovery software is much more than just another pc inventory tool. This automatic inventory solution is the result of more than ten years of practical experience in the field.

Most network inventory management systems—yes, even the expensive ones—fall short when it comes to even the basics like providing accurate, useful data. Most IT asset management applications have either an overly complex approach or they're too simplistic.

Synexsys is simple and complete. It’s designed to meet the day-to-day needs of IT professionals just like you. Synexsys has an answer for virtually all of your questions regarding your IT assets. Whether you need specific information on a single registry key value or a top-level view of your 10,000 computers distributed over 250 international sites.


Computer inventory has never been so simple

Everyone says it, but Synexsys proves it. Just ask anyone who has evaluated Synexsys: they know from first-hand experience that Synexsys is genuinely easy to install and easy to use.

You have problems to solve. Our concept is to develop products that will solve your problems and not add any new issues to the existing ones.






Choose Synexsys for its simplicity, let us manage the complexity!


You’ve put off taking control of your IT assets long enough:

IT asset management software

Let Synexsys
help you take control today—It’s easy.





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Synexsys lowers your Total Cost of Ownership

You worry about the hidden costs of your IT assets—as well you should. Of course IT Asset Management and Helpdesk solutions are high on the “buy list” when it comes to trying to lower the TCO of your IT assets.

But too often the solution costs more than the problem: complex IT asset management packages take too long, cost too much, and wind up abandoned as ”shelfware".

Synexsys’ unique strength is the simplicity it brings to sophisticated IT asset management. It reduces your IT asset TCO by giving you control, and the return on your investment is fast.



Most Synexsys customers are up and running in minutes or hours. Not days or weeks.


Synexsys offers a most comprehensive network audit and computer inventory.


Synexsys enables you to gain control on your IT investment —Without compromise!










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