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Synexsys Helpdesk Software (New!)

Synexsys Help desk (SXShelpdesk) is the most scalable helpdesk application and user support solution on the market. If you liked Synexsys Inventory, you'll love Synexsys Helpdesk!

Forget any helpdesk system and service management solution you've seen before. Synexsys is different and will lead you straight to your target.

Helpdesk systems are usually simplistic or too complicated. The first ones are not evolutive and the second ones are never implemented correctly.

A lot of energy, time and money are needed to find and implement a suitable helpdesk solution. Once you've chosen it, you generally hope to keep it for a long time. This objective depends upon how simple and scalable is the chosen solution.

At Synexsys, we want to provide our customers with sophisticated and customizable products WITHOUT losing touch with our golden rule: "KEEP IT SIMPLE!". Synexsys Helpdesk is an applied example of that rule.


Synexsys Helpdesk Features (summary)

General features

  • Access to your inventory and your users, directly from the call sheet
  • Link a call to a user or to any managed asset
  • Assign a call to a group and / or to a technician
  • Organize support jobs according to their impact and priority
  • Use pre-defined call templates to process common requests
  • Close follow-up, thanks to status indicators
  • Measure reactivity, thanks to SLAs (Service Level Agreement)
  • Trigger alerts and send e-mail automatically on any kind of events
  • Classify calls by nature and causes
  • Easily find any call thanks to classification trees and full text search
  • Keep track of interesting cases in the knowledge base
  • etc.

Advanced features

  • Choose the helpdesk functions you want to use and hide the others
  • Choose the inventory fields you want to appear in the call sheet
  • Create you own custom fields for specific needs
  • Define the working hours and the public holidays of your call center
  • Define as many SLAs as you need
  • Set unlimited escalation rules and escalation targets
  • Set your own layout and color preferences
  • etc.





Synexsys Helpdesk provides you with increased ability to understand where the problems are and what you can do to solve them quickly!

Keep your eyes wide open. Synexsys Helpdesk is going to revolutionize

helpdesk and call management software

user support and Service Management Solutions!





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Synexsys lowers your Total Cost of Ownership

You worry about the hidden costs of your IT assets—as well you should. Of course IT Asset Management and Helpdesk solutions are high on the “buy list” when it comes to trying to lower the TCO of your IT assets.

But too often the solution costs more than the problem: complex IT asset management packages take too long, cost too much, and wind up abandoned as ”shelfware".

Synexsys’ unique strength is the simplicity it brings to sophisticated IT asset management. It reduces your IT asset TCO by giving you control, and the return on your investment is fast.



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Synexsys Helpdesk: the shortest way between your goals and their achievement!

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