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Synexys is a good product and covers the needs of my company in terms of inventory and computer management. We are very impatient to receive the new helpdesk module!

Victoria S. (translated)




Synexsys is very impressive! I was trying to find an inventory solution for more than one year and that's the first time I am so close to take my decision.

Yann B. (translated)




Thank you guys for the support you gave (...) your team has been very nice with us even if the problem was not related to Synexsys. Great product!

Max W.




One software package that I’ve had a lot of success with is Synexsys Inventory. It’s actually a very full-featured network inventory package, including capabilities that extend to desktop software license management. Thus, many companies in need of asset control capabilities can benefit from it.

It’s also got a fantastic Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) discovery module, which seeks out managed network devices. Practically every device supports SNMP (unless you’ve disabled SNMP), so you can use Synexsys Inventory to quickly acquire an accurate report of your network device assets.

If you’ve picked up a package such as Synexsys Inventory that includes an auto-discovery option, you can periodically repeat the autodiscovery process to see whether any new devices have popped up on your network.

Don J. (reports abstract)




I thank you for your true support. I was afraid that the subscription payment was just a tax but I could see that you are giving a real support.

Ad T. (translated)




I simply love this software. Without it I wonder how I could have achieved the XP migration within only two months!

Phil G. (translated)




Synexsys has a very nice interface and powerful tools. What I like the most are the automatic trees. They really simplify the way you can manage your assets.

Thomas D.




I like Synexsys. It is easy to install and easy to use. We just decided to manage also our faxes and mobile phones in it. We are now 11 people to use it everyday (...)

Leonor L.




Last week we discovered a virus on a server. It took me only 3 minutes to know which were the 29 other infected machines. Thanks to a simple query done in synexsys, we fixed the problem in less than one an hour.

Francis A.





Synexsys Inventory—Computer inventory, Asset Management, Network Audit and Helpdesk—All within minutes!



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