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Synexsys Network Devices Audit

Synexsys Network Audit (SXSnet) is a powerful network IP device discovery and monitoring tool.

SXSnet can retrieve any available information using TCP/IP, NetBIOS and SNMP protocols. SXSnet analyses and scans IP and UDP ports and is able to execute conditional queries dynamically, according to the information collected on SNMP devices.


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Synexsys Network Audit offers unlimited independent schedulers for each type of audited device (switch, router, printer, etc). Its internal parser can be used to execute conditional SNMP queries or to trigger alerts.

SXSnet can run unattended on one or several hosting machines. Each audit agent runs as a Windows Service and sends automatically the collected information to a centralized database.

As opposed to the usual mammoth-like network audit applications, SXSnet, following the example of all the other Synexsys products, is very simple to deploy and will allow you to know everything about your network infrastructure in less than 24 hours (audit time included!).

Choose between the 3 versions: Personal, Pro and Enterprise, the one which better suits your needs


Synexsys Network Audit Features (summary)

Network Discovery

  • Discover and audit any IP device (printers, routers, switches, etc.) connected to the network through multi-threaded IP scanning
  • Retrieve any standard information available using TCP/IP, NetBIOS and SNMP protocols
  • Gather IP addresse, MAC Addresses and Ports information
  • Dynamically get unlimited device-specific information using integrated conditional query module and manufacturers’ MIB and OID

Management Console features

  • Add unlimited custom data to any network device
  • Format the information the way you want (show/hide, background/font colour, etc.)
  • Sort, query, filter, print and export data to CSV,HTML,XLS,TXT, DBF,…
  • Full text search on entire database
  • Perform NetSend and Wake-on-Lan commands
  • Run any external commands on selected devices


  • Define network monitoring rules and scan frequencie, using date, day-of-week and time parameters
  • Raise alerts (Log file, NetSend, SendMail, Send SNMP Trap)

Other features

  • Stand-alone multi-threaded EXE or multiple audit agents running as Windows Services
  • Data storage in a central DBF, Oracle, SQL Server or Interbase (Firebird) database
  • Native data access. No need for DAO,OLE DB, ADO, ODBC, BDE, or else.


Synexsys Network Audit Features (detailed)

Network devices discoverynetwork audit

  • Flexible IP addresses definition: single IP, multiple IP ranges, IP masks using * and ? wild cards
  • Address range exclusion: exclusions can be based on any of the 4 IP digits
  • Flexible port scanning definition: only write the ports to scan separated by commas
  • TCP and UDP port scanning
  • Port identification relying on a 18000 entries freely customizable database
  • On-demand or scheduled scans
  • Create your own device types to allow automatic classification
  • Multi-thread processes for ICMP polling, IP scanning, device querying and IP ports scanning
  • Can run in foreground or hidden, as a service process

Retrieve standard information network audit

  • Get Device status: Alive, Dead, Excluded and Orphan
  • MAC address resolution using NetBIOS, local ARP cache table or SendARP request
  • NIC manufacturer resolution using OUI on a freely customizable database of over 5000 entries
  • Hostname resolution
  • NetBIOS name, Domain, Group and Username
  • SNMP Device Manufacturer name based on OID object identifier

Retrieve additional information network audit

  • Any information related to the device (manufacturer, proprietary or specific) can be retrieved using SNMP protocol OID/MIB GET queries
  • Unlimited additional queries
  • Static or dynamic conditional queries using a powerful expression evaluator (see function list)

Custom additional information network audit

  • Unlimited custom information can be associated with any device
  • Automatic inputs can be generated using the internal SXS Parser and its macro language on available information
  • Manual input

Working with data network audit

  • Clear, no-nonsense, user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited sort, query and filter possibilities
  • Hide / Show information switch
  • Customizable column order
  • Grid view or Detailed/Card view
  • Print data the way you want
  • Export data to CSV,TXT, HTML, XLS, DBF format
  • Save settings

Management, Monitoring and Alerts network audit

  • Perform on-demand and Wake-on-Lan requests
  • Run any external command against devices, using %…% variable replacement
  • Schedule periodical network scans
  • Data consolidation in a single database, thanks to multiple network scan agents
  • Set multiple and unlimited periodicity using: date, day-of-week and time parameters
  • Define unlimited alert rules using the internal parser on available information
  • Multiple alerts targets: log file, NetSend messages, e-mail or SNMP Trap





Synexsys Network Audit provides you with increased visibility into network devices', hardware, software and configuration.

Yesterday you only had two choices to audit
your network:

Mammoth-like applications
and amateur utilities...

IP device tracking software, you have
Synexsys Network Audit!





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